Barge Management System

System Features

The Bunker Ops Bunker Managements system provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to manage your bunker business and bunker transfer operations.

Synchronised Redundancy

Fully redundant interface, Protection against barge downtime & business interruption.

Historical Data

Fast and easily retrieved historical Loading and Delivery information.

Sensor Integration

Integrating with the Mass Flow Meters, Level Gauges & Pressure sensors onboard, Bunker Ops is the SMART Barge option.

Automated Documentation

Master Bunker Requisition, Marpol sample labels, Checklists, Bunker Delivery Receipt, Ullage Capacity Report.

Advanced Reporting

General Daily and Month end reports, Loaded by Sounding vs Delivered by meter stock reports.

Automated Communication

Loading and delivery reports automatically emailed to Agent or Oil Company.

System Benefits

While other similar products offer a few features you can consider useful, Bunker Ops includes everything you need to operate and manage a Bunker Barge.

Barge & Cloud

The system uses bi-synchronisation architecture to replicate data between the Barge and the Cloud Service providing 100% offsite redundancy and reduces system downtime to a minimum.

Single or Fleet

The system is able to support either single or multiple vessel operation dependant on customer reequipments. The Managers Console can provide management with full live access to all vessel data.

Minimises Bunker Disputes

By correctly managing the loaded densities the system ensures the delivered quantity is as per order.

Bespoke functionality

The system can be tailored to meet customer requirements and be integrated into existing ship systems without the need for additional hardware. It is able to work with a basic ullage tank tables or integrated into sophisticated cargo systems.